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Dinner Parties

We prepare and serve plated, multi-course dinners, typically including: appetizer(s), soup and/or salad, entree, and dessert. We can add additional courses, such as: amuse bouche, pasta, cheese, etc. We customize the menu to meet any and all dietary, nutritional and/or allergen restrictions. In addition, we work directly with you to tailor the meal to a particular theme for the evening or specific food preferences. We introduce each course to the guests and answer any questions
they may have.

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Wine or Beer Pairings

We have extensive training in both beer and wine pairing. Chef Rob is completing Sommelier certification through the International Sommelier Guild. We carefully pair each course of your meal or selection of heavy appetizers to the appropriate beer, wine or cocktail to enhance your dining experience. We provide pairing recommendations (for your purchase), or supply the alcohol (at cost) to meet your budget. Wines or beers are listed on each guest menu with all pertinent stylistic, regional and tasting information. Ask us to pair your next special dinner with local Colorado microbrews, or wines from a particular country or region.

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We prepare and serve or drop-off a wide selection of both hot and cold salads, appetizers, side dishes, entrees, desserts, and/or individually packaged, grab & go meals. We can provide plates, utensils, napkins, linens, serving utensils, cups, glassware, serving platters, etc. upon request.

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